UR Pantry

Online Indian Grocery Store in Melbourne

About Us

ABN: 35654218309

Our Story 

This thought was born when we shifted our home from Clayton to Wyndham vale. While in Clayton we had everything in proximity and we could get grocery essentials at reasonable prices, but here we had to travel till Werribee to get things sorted and even then prices are expensive. It's time consuming and with two kids, we sometimes struggled to get all the things needed.  Our cuisine requires ingredients that are available only at few specific markets, hence we decided to start this service with the aim to help others struggling like us.

Our Mission 

To free every struggling pocket by offering products lower than existing market prices and to provide value for money, family time and energy.


To grow in huge scale to cater to a broader customer base.

Why choose us?

We aim to provide quality pantry essentials at extremely low prices at a location advantageous to you!

[Our prices are determined by conducting meticulous market research with the aim to reach out every pocket].

Our approach to holding products is demand based; which means we maintain fresh stock and get products that you are after. Most importantly Save your time and energy by ordering online and receive them at your door step.